Anna Maria Espsäter writes fiction under the pen name AM Hellberg Moberg. She started writing stories and poems in both Swedish and English from a young age, but as an adult her love of travel initially led her to take up travel writing. For over a decade, she travelled the world, covering many destinations for UK and international guidebook publishers and magazines.

Since 2016 she’s been dividing her time between writing travel features and working on two novels, a collection of short stories and a bilingual book of poetry, all of which she’s now in the process of publishing independently.

Her first published work of fiction, “How Pat Got Her Five Cats – A Tale For Cat Lovers”, is available on Amazon as a hardback print copy and as an eBook. She describes it as “a book for all cat lovers, particularly suited to a younger audience, but giving readers of any age a few chuckles.”

Cats feature heavily in many of her stories, as do exciting worldwide locations, a pair of aging detectives and some very tasty culinary adventures.

How Pat Got Her Five Cats

ISBN: 978-1916082502

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How Pat Got Her Five Cats
How Pat Got Her Five Cats

Artworks by Dani Bergson