Anna Maria offers an international house- and cat-sitting service and is happy to consider worldwide assignments. Cats and properties looked after over the last six years include a town-house in the Netherlands, a rural property with two cats in Andalusia, Spain, a number of flats with cats in London, UK, a flat with cat in Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as properties with cats in Sweden. She will consider short- and long-term assignments, but prefers long-term with cats.

Leave your cats with Anna Maria and you will likely find them saunter up to say hi to you seeming quite laid back on your return. My cats enjoy Anna Maria’s company and from what I gather they quickly forget me when she is around! She clearly is experienced with cats and loves them. I only hope she doesn’t get one of her own so she is no longer free to stand in with mine….” Sally, North London

I’ve known Anna Maria for several years, and I was delighted to learn that she likes to cat-sit, as I have a fur baby that often needs minding. I trust Anna Maria implicitly, so I was comfortable having her stay at my flat. When I got back, my place was clean and tidy, and while my kitty was happy to see me, he was in good spirits—proof that he took to Anna Maria, as well. I’ll definitely ask her to stay again!” Amy, North London

Anna Maria looked after our cat and apartment for 4 weeks while we were away in January of 2013. Our cat is 15 years old and he is, to say the least, rather set in his weird little ways. Not only was he beautifully taken care of and NOT overfed (he is usually able to convince most new cat-sitters that he is constantly on the brink of starvation), but also plants were watered, post collected and the apartment in general was very well looked after. I will highly recommend Anna Maria as a trustworthy, very loving and competent cat-sitter. (The only potential downside is the nagging feeling that my cat would now like us to go away with the noisy baby and get back the nice patient cuddle-lady.)” Katja, Copenhagen, Denmark